Nikki Glaser and Tom Thakkar To Do Morning Radio on SiriusXM

Starting in February, and Tom Thakkar will be doing morning radio at SiriusXM.

Glaser’s new show will be the first ever live daily morning show on SiriusXM’s Comedy Central channel. You Up with Nikki Glaser will broadcast Mondays through Thursdays from 10am to noon ET. Joining Nikki daily will be her best friend and touring buddy Tom Thakkar. Tom made our list of comedians who are going to break out in 2017- picked by Joe List who called him “sexy, he’s hilarious, great comedian, he just did and I heard he has a nice penis. Those are the main reasons. Don’t show anyone though.”

“You Up” joins Comedy Central’s lineup which includes The Bonfire show with Dan Soder and Big Mondays through Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm.

Nikki and Tom are planning to let fans listen to what she and Tom have been doing in comedy club greenrooms across the country: oversharing about their personal lives, getting and giving perspective on dating and sex, dissecting pop culture, trying to understand the news, and making fun of whatever or whoever else deserves it.

Nikki has a half-hour comedy series out on Netflix and had a short but outstanding run with Not Safe for Nikki Glaser on Comedy Central.

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