Nick Kroll Talks About the Kroll Show Ending

Last night Nick Kroll went on Kimmel to talk about the final season of The Kroll Show.  It’s hard to believe that at the height of the show’s popularity and only three seasons in, that the guys would call it quits.  Nick says he saw the show as a three movie triology, and the best plan would be to wait about five years and then put out a terrible badly written reunion.  Kroll told Kimmel, “I had a vision for what the show would be and I felt like we accomplished what I wanted to do.”  Kroll thanked the amazing cast and guest stars that have been apart of the show, and previewed an incredible upcoming season which will include Jenny Slate, Chelsea Peretti, Seth Rogen, Aziz Ansari, Amy Poehler, John Mulaney and more.

But, Kroll says, his favorite guest star this season is C.T. who is the Peyton Manning of his world and will play Bobby Bottle Service.  You thought you liked Too Much Tuna?  Wait till you see Too Many Gigalos.

Don’t be too sad, Kroll said he’s going to pitch Comedy Central today which means there is definitely more Kroll to come.


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