Nick Cannon Defends Kevin Hart, Calls Out a Few of Comedy’s Most Famous Women

Nick Cannon defended Kevin Hart today by pointing out that Hart isn’t the only person who used to use homophobic slurs in tweets. Very gallant. He did it by calling out three famous female comics who used to use homophobic slurs on Twitter. Not very gallant.

If his point was to defend Hart, quoting Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer doesn’t really make sense. None of them hosted the Oscars and for some reason, the public wasn’t upset with Hart until he was chosen to host the Academy Awards ceremony.

Interesting, I wonder if there was any backlash here, he wrote, quoting Chelsea Handler’s 2010 tweet that read “This is what a fag bird likes like when he flexes.” He also tweeted a 2010 Sarah Silverman tweet, and one from Amy Schumer in 2012 using the words “faggot” and “fags.”

If his point is that these women need to be condemned too, then his anger at the Hart backlash is disingenuous. If he was setting out to prove that the word was in common use at the time, and people didn’t realize it was harmful, his method failed. And if he was trying to prove that some form of discrimination is at work in singling out Hart, then he probably should have chosen some targets who don’t face gender discrimination on the regs.

It’s all crabs in a pot. But at least we know we’re safe now from Schumer, Silverman or Handler hosting the awards…ever.

It’s okay. He’s “just sayin.”

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