Newsweek Covers Opie and Anthony Feud In Depth

opie anthony

It’s been a long time coming– about 16 years in the making according to new details recently aired– but this week radio duo Opie and Anthony had it out, publicly sharing details on their broken relationship.

SiriusXM broke up the Opie and Anthony Show last July when they fired Anthony after his Twitter comments were deemed offensive.  Opie and Jim Norton re-signed with SiriusXM to continue on without Anthony, and Anthony launched his own subscriber based streaming show, The Anthony Cumia Show.  Even though they had officially gone separate ways, the relationship between them was amicable– at least superficially– until recently.

Long time fans say they have noticed the strained relationship for years, but it wasn’t until last week, when an offhand comment by retiring radio host Fez Whatley seemed to spark an outpouring of anger, hurt, and resentment between the two radio hosts. The divide between the two former partners was so great, that they never spoke to each other directly, instead opting to air out their feelings via Twitter, Facebook, and through “monologues” on their respective shows beginning last Friday, and continuing through early this week.

Newsweek reporter Polly Mosendz spent a total of over three hours talking separately with Anthony Cumia, Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Jim Norton about the blow up, where it started, and where everyone stands now.  You can read the Newsweek story for comments from all three hosts as well as a full timeline of the feud, which includes the airing of plenty of dirty laundry, name calling, and even some tears and confessions.

Opie and Jim Norton broadcast on SiriusXM’s OpieRadio from 7 to 10am daily; Anthony Cumia broadcasts a subscription based show four days a week from 4pm to 6pm via  All times are ET.

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