New York Comedy Fest Ticket Alert: One Flew Over the Comics Club! Tales of Addiction, Compulsion and Anxiety!


Ron Bennington is coming back to the New York City Comedy Festival! Last year Bennington covered sensitivity in comedy and the question of whether offensive comedy can survive. Now that we’ve clearly solved that question we’re moving on.

This year, Ron has grabbed another round of incredible guests and this time, they’ll be sharing stories and finding comedy in the darkest of places- addiction, compulsion and anxiety. It’s “One Flew Over the Comedy Club”, and you can request tickets now to be there with them. Don’t get shut out this year, get on the list!

One Flew Over the Comedy Club: Addiction, Compulsion and Anxiety brings together four comedy killers who have dealt with addictions of all kinds, anxiety, depression, and other complex mental and physical health issues, and they all are ready to talk about it on Tuesday November 5th in the main room at The Stand in New York City.
Don’t miss an hour of the funniest stories from these comedians worst and darkest moments, how they got through it, and what they’re still dealing with.

Tuesday November 5 at 8pm.
Location: The Stand Comedy Club in New York City

Tickets are available now at the New York Comedy Festival website or through The Stand. But we’re also giving away a limited number of free tickets.  Request them here, now!


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