New Documentary Looks at the Changing Nature of Jewish Comedy

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In “When Jews Were Funny” filmmaker Alan Zweig had questions about being Jewish, and about comedy, so he made a film about it. Are jews inherently funny? Are Jews getting less funny as they integrate more into modern society?

Nobody is entirely sure what Zweig really wants to know but in his quest, he gets to talk to some incredibly funny people about what it means to be a Jewish comedian. Listen to his conversations with comedy greats like Howie Mandel, Bob Einstein, David Brenner, David Steinberg, Andy Kindler, Shelly Berman, Norm Crosby, Jack Carter, Corey Kahaney, Mark Maron and more tell stories, tell jokes and talk about “When Jews Were Funny.”

Does Zweig have a point to make here? A lot of his guests don’t think so. One of the most entertaining parts of the documentary is listening to many of his subjects get increasingly frustrated with Zweig and his thesis. Along the way, you will get some great insights from Howie Mandel, an incredibly touching story from the late David Brenner, and watch Corey Kahaney give Zweig some old fashioned Jewish advice. But it’s probably Bob ‘Super Dave’ Einstein who steals the show (“Are you listening to me? Cause I’m wasting my time if you’re not.”)

The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and is available now for download, and available on Netflix. Visit for more info, and order the download here. Save yourself a buck with code word interrobang.  Go ahead.  Watch it.  Grab a nosh.  It’s okay.