New Documentary Focuses On Comedian’s Struggles And Doubts


adventures in comedy

Tom McCaffrey’s new documentary hopes to answer the question that a lot of people working to make it in comedy ask, “Why am I doing this!?” Filled with bad stats and bad information, Tom’s film “Adventures in Comedy” is part documentary and mostly mockumentary. By the way, if Tom looks familiar to you? Yes, that was him as a kid dancing on stage at the 53rd Annual Academy Awards with Irene Cara.

The doc does have plenty of comedians offering their own opinions and disaster stories about being a working comic, including Janeane Garofalo, Jim Gaffigan, Margaret Cho, Aisha Tyler, Ari Shaffir, Kurt Metzger, Michael Che, Godfrey, Sean Patton, Joe DeRosa, Ted Alexandro and more.

In the movie directed and written by Tom McCaffrey, he’s 40 years old and looking for his big comedy break. He’s trying to figure out if he should continue trying to make a living by making people laugh. What do you do when all you know how to do is be “a smart ass on stage” with no other skills and nothing to fall back on? No wonder they call this documentary, “A hilarious glimpse into the not so funny world of comedy”.

“Adventures in Comedy” will be available on Hulu, Roku, iOs, Amazon and Android streaming services. The adventure begins Friday, February 20th. For information, go to the “Adventures in Comedy” Facebook page.

Here’s the trailer for “Adventures in Comedy” under its original working title, “This is Comedy”.


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