Netflix Cuts, Then Adds Back the Ep of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Featuring Louis C.K.


We don’t know what Netflix’s relationship with and feelings about Louis C.K. are since the New York Times outted his sexual misconduct, but if you go by what’s streaming on the site, you can see that the streaming platform has mixed feelings. According to, when Jerry ’s series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee debuted on the platform on January 5th, Louis’ episode did not. But the episode, titled “Comedy, Sex and the Blue numbers” has returned, without fanfare or announcement, and taken its place among collection 4, curated as part of the Late Night Espresso collection.

In the 20 minute episodes, Jerry and Louis drive around in a 1959 two cylinder Fiat 600, and then take a ride up the Hudson on C.K.s yacht.

When the New York Times story about Louis’ past misconduct came out, several networks cut ties with C.K. with some even scrubbing past content from on demand. While Netflix decided not to produce a new planned Louis C.K. hour, they did not remove the comedian’s previously recorded content from the site. C.K.’s 2017 hour special, “2017” was released on Netflix on April 4, and remains available (and incidentally was one of our choices for top ten comedy specials of 2017).

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is available on Neflix, streaming now.

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