NBC’s Says It’s Trying To Figure Out the Definition of a Modern Comedy


NBC doesn’t have a comedy on Thursday nights for the first time in over 30 years and their big comedy prospect “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” just went to Netflix. Everyone wants to know what the f*ck that’s about?  NBC is the network that has always been known for the strongest comedies and now they’re switching Thursdays over to drama.

NBC chairmanBob Greenblatt spoke at the Television Critics Association press tour along with NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke to say that returning to hit comedies is a priority for the network.  Variety reported that Greenblatt said, “We are really challenged by the comedy brand we’re trying to build on this network. It’s been a couple of years of trial and error on a number of fronts.” Talking about Thursday nights, Salke added, “Putting comedies that we loved there and having them fail started to feel like the definition of insanity.”

Greenblatt is saying that the decision to pass on Tina Fey’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” came from the series’ edgy storyline and the strong possibility that NBC couldn’t make it work because of broadcast TV standards. “We didn’t want to put it on in a situation where we couldn’t really launch it. Netflix said ‘We’ll do this in a big way’ and it just sort of made sense.”

The centerpiece of NBC Thursday is now “The Blacklist.”   Greenblatt wants to get NBC back in the comedy game, but confessed the network is still trying to figure out the definition of a modern NBC comedy.

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