Nate Bargatze Performed Stand Up on the Tonight Show

Thursday night Nate Bargatze returned to the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and crushed with a hilarious set about a mountain and a horse.  You are not going to guess where this is going; Nate’s set is so well crafted, so brilliant, and so goddamn funny.

After he performed his set, he went back to the desk to hang out with Jimmy and share a story about the extreme awkwardness of showing up way too early for a Vanderbuilt basketball game- so early that he was able to lend a helping hand.

This is Bargatze’s millionth time appearing on Fallon (actually, his eight, if we’re counting right); he holds the record for the most stand-up sets performed on Fallon who he met back in 2012 when the Tonight Show host saw him perform at the Stand comedy club in New York City.

The Fallon-Bargatze timeline from Nate’s first appearance on Late Night in 2013, to his 2014 Tonight Show debut, two appearances in 2015, and 2016, once in 2017 and last night.

He made his debut in March 2014, then again last April and  September 2015, again in April and November 2016, and back in July 2017, plus an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 2013.  It’s incredible to see the evolution of a phenomenal comedian through late night sets and you can go back and watch them all. In that time, he’s also made Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch list, and released his first hour comedy special a critically beloved album, and he’s been one of only four comedians to have won the Interrobang’s prestigious Stand Up Comedian of the Year Award. 

Watch Nate’s set, read more about him in our “Up Next” series profile,  and follow him on Twitter @NateBargatze.

And go see him headlining Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC all weekend! for tickets.



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