Moontower Preview: Bridget Everett Going 100 mph and Crushing It

Bridget Everett

Part cabaret, part comedy, all amazing, Bridget Everett is a powerhouse who can belt out a tune and make you laugh at the same time.  Last year at Moontower, she took over the room at the New York New York comedy showcase and this year she’s back again doing three shows.  We  highly recommend taking the time to hit up at least one of Everett’s shows– whether in Austin or her home base of New York or on tour–  but don’t take our word for it, ask Amy Schumer who has put Everett in her Comedy Central show, or Patti LuPone who performs with Bridget often, or any one of the long list of celebrity fans and friends that includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Stiller, Fred Armisen, Jonah Hill, Justin Vivian Bond, and many more.

We talked to Everett about her balls out style, her amazing friends, and heading down to Moontower.

The IBang:  Everyone at Moontower is raving about you coming back again this year.  They said you stole the show that you performed at last year, the New York New York Show.
Bridget Everett: I don’t know about that. It was a great night. It was a ton of funny fun people and I was freaked out, cause I get so nervous and then I just went and and I was like, fuck it, lets just go for it.

The IBang: Is it strange doing festivals, where some of the people show up not knowing what to expect from your performance?

I don’t have any other way to do it than just going 100 miles per hour.

Bridget Everett:  It’s always funny because I go on and they’ll be like ‘ladies and gentlemen, Bridget Everett’ and there will be like a smattering of applause and I’ll be like, alright, I guess here we go (laughing) and I just go for it. I don’t have any other way to do it than just going 100 miles per hour.  So, its fun. It’s fun to watch people try to adapt to what’s happening. It’s fun.

The IBang:  I’m sure most comedians have to deal with it on some level but your performance really brings out something that could be culture shock to people who aren’t ready for it.

Bridget Everett: I was at Just For Laughs a couple of years ago and I come out and the first thing I do was pretty….in your face.  After like 20 seconds– cause that’s about how far into it I do something that’s like “aaaaaaahahhhh!”– and he was in the front row.  He just stood up, turned right around and walked out. And I was like, alright I can’t blame him.  Not everyone wants to sort of wade through the waters to figure out what the fuck is going on.

The IBang:  You grew up in Kansas.  When did you get to New York?

Bridget Everett:  I got to New York, I think I was around 27 or something.   I went to Arizona State and was living the dream there (laughs). The only singing I was doing was at karaoke bars and spring training games and it was fun, but I was like, I gotta get out of here.  So I just packed up a Ryder truck and moved to New York and it took about 15 years to finally feel like I was getting somewhere but I feel like I’m getting somewhere now.

The IBang: You have some incredibly interesting famous friends.  How did you meet so many cool and diverse people?

Bridget Everett Dressing RoomBridget Everett:  A lot of people I met through  my friends Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman, they’ve been around the Broadway community for ever, and they’re just sort of like, showbiz people and they’ve been involved in movies and they’ve brought a lot of people to see me perform, but then I also, Ad-Rock [Horovitz] is in my band and he introduced me to a lot of people.  And people come to the show and it’s a real New York experience I think, and people  enjoy it.  And I like getting to know people and making friends.  I don’t really know how it’s happened.  When I was sitting there with that Roast last week I was like, how the fuck is this my life?  And a lot of those…they’re people that I admire and enjoy myself so its pretty cool.   And the thing I do is sort of a cross pollination of singing, and cabaret, which is how I met Patti LuPone but its also, I guess you could call it comedy, so that’s how I know Amy Schumer and Billy Eichner; and also music, is sort of like, beats and stuff and that’s how Adam..everybody responded to something different, and I dunno, it’s been cool.

The IBang:  You’re great on Inside Amy Schumer.  How did you and Amy meet and become friends?

Bridget Everett: It’s a really fun show to work on.  i wish i could show up to work there every day.  It’s a great group of people, they’re really funny, and they’re kind, and I just love the show, so it’s thrilling to be a part of it.  We met at Just for Laughs, Montreal and I’m socially awkward a lot but we both love Chardonnay, and she’s like ‘come to the party, we’ll have some chardonnay it will be great.’  And so I sort of tagged along with her and met lots of people.  She’s a great person on top of being really fun and we both love Chardonnay and we love to go out and have a great meal,  and just talk about shit.

The IBang:  And you have a part in Trainwreck too?

Bridget Everett: I got a little part in that, and that is going to be great.  I saw the trailer, I think a lot of people have.  I’m really proud of Amy.  She’s a great writer and Judd Apatow was really fun to work with and it was the same thing, they just let you, you know, you take what the script says, and then you get to play around and they surround themselves with great people and they make you feel very comfortable and it’s really fun.

The IBang:  You have three shows at Moontower this year.  Tom Papa’s Show, a Showcase and then your own show.  Do you know what you’re going to be doing at the shows?

Bridget Everett:  Tom, I’ve done his show before, he likes to have a theme so I’ll try to work within that, and the other show, is with Dom Irrera, and who is this Satan fellow. I’ll probably just do a couple numbers there and then I’ll do an hour of my own material.  Yeah, just talk about tits and dick– you know, but with heart.

The IBang:  Where did you start getting comfortable with getting naked on stage?  Was it a plan or did it just happen?

To me the idea of a show is, you’re sort of at a really fun party and it just happens that I’m the only one who has a microphone…

Bridget Everett:  It just happened.  Even years ago when I was in Arizona and I would do karaoke bars I would go up to a stranger and sing You Ought to Know and rip their shirt.  The music has a spell or something over me and I dunno… Because to me the idea of a show is, you’re sort of at a really fun party and it just happens that I’m the only one who has a microphone.   Sometimes my boob will fall out and my pants will fall down and it’s not intentional, it just usually happens because I just want it to feel like anything can and will happen. Nothing is meant to scare anybody, just like we all had a little too much to drink and we’re having a whole lot of fun.

The IBang: For some reason everyone’s biggest fear in life is to be naked.

Bridget Everett: It’s just tits.  What’s the big deal?  My mom used to walk around in the house in her underwear and no bra at least in front of me so I just grew up thinking it was no big deal. Also I was a swimmer so I grew up in locker rooms and so when people get buttoned up about it, it makes me want to have the opposite reaction, I want to go a little crazy. It’s fun for me.  I think a lot of people see a 6 foot tall woman with some real meat on her bones, swinging her tits around, they’re kind of like, ahhhh if she can do it why can’t I?

I know it’s not for everybody, but I hope people walk away and ultimately it’s a little freeing for them.

Go see Bridget Everett at Moontower this weekend on Thursday night at the Velvet Lounge with some great other comedians, on Friday as part of Come to Papa Live, and on Saturday catch the Bridget Everett Show at Google Fiber Stage.  Get more information here.  You can also see her monthly at Joe’s Pub in New York City (next shows June 24 and Aug 6)

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