Moontower Comedy Festival Finishes Strong with New York’s Finest

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After four days of nonstop comedy, the final show of Moontower Comedy Festival, 2018 was New York’s Finest. This show was hosted by legendary radio personality and comedian, Ron Bennington and featured ten of the hottest comedians working in New York City. Whoever booked the show did a beautiful job. It literally felt like I was back at The Stand Comedy Club in New York City, enjoying a show with my favorite comedians on a Saturday night. As for the one or two comedians, I didn’t already know, I am very glad that I know them now because everyone was hilarious. Each comedian did about six minutes and here are just a few of the highlights of the festival’s final show, New York’s Finest.

Ron Bennington helped open the festival as a guest of Dudley and Bob at Cap City,  and closed the festival out by hosted the big IFC show at Stateside Theater.  He did a hilarious set about how funny kids are treated in school, and the benefits of drinking and driving, and kept the energy up all night bringing up all the New York Comics. The entire felt like the last show of the festival should feel- a little weird, and a little off the rails. Ron brought up Kurt Metzger who spoke his truth and found the funny in some of the darkest areas of his own personal life. This was my favorite set I have ever seen him do. He has never been funnier. Kevin Barnett took his friend and fellow comedian, Brooks Wheelan out on stage with him (who wasn’t even a part of the festival) and did some sketch/stand up. Luke Null, one of SNL’s rookies brought his guitar on stage to sing, and then the rest of the night was strictly stand up. Janelle James was definitely one of the strongest comedians I saw during the festival and I wouldn’t be surprised if Janelle James was one of the next Paramount Headliners at Moontower. And the show just kept getting funnier all night with Dan Naturman, Dan Soder, Joe List, Tim Dillon, Chris Distefano, delivering great sets. Liza Treyger closed out the show so strong despite that she was sick, taking medicine, and it was around 1am after four days of festival performances. Amazing!

This show and the comedians who performed in it definitely represented New York well and New York’s Finest was the perfect way to close out the festival before heading to the after party at The Netflix Lounge. I hope to do it again next year!



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Sara Dahms
Sara Dahms
Sarah Dahms is a comedy superfan hails from Chicago and travels all over the country checking out the best comedy everywhere.