What Did You Miss on SNL This Week? Writers Respond to Rob Schneider Complaint, Amy Schumer Gives Moms Everywhere a Gift and Melissa McCarthy is the World’s Greatest Step Mom

This week, Amy Schumer returned to host Saturday Night Live for the second time and had a solid stand up monologue talking about the secret world of free tampons, being a bridesmaid too many times, particularly in her thirties when bridesmaids dresses are a bit less flattering, and the downsides of getting married (never again getting a “You up?” text again). She also talked about how feminism hasn’t lived up to the dream, and challenged moms to do better in raising their sons and daughters. “Ladies, remember how we were raised with the illusion of equality. Right? That was our Santa Claus. Wasn’t that funny?” she joked. When we were little girls they were like you can do anything!” And then, she said, we got older.

Schumer asked moms to raise little boys to be nicer at a young age, reminding the audience about what little girls are told when they encounter mean little boys. “When you were a little girl, and the little boy is mean to you or he teases you…what does everyone say? He likes you right?” Schumer said, pointing out the mixed messages we send to women when as girls we teach them to be happy when they’re teased.

Schumer wrapped her monologue asking viewers to go see her new movie but recommended you bring tissues. “Because you’re gonna want to masturbate.”

SNL’s cold open this week continued the annual tradition of inviting SNL castmembers moms to come on stage. Aidy Bryant, Kyle Moonie, Beck Bennett, Luke Null, Melissa Villasenor, Colin Jost, Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, Chris Redd and Pete Davidson all brought their moms on stage, and the moms all had one thing on their mind– “Enough with the Trump jokes.” Kenan’s mom said she loves the show “except for all of the political stuff. We get it.” Mikey Day’s mom referred to the “witch hunt against President Trump.” Colin Jost’s mom asked why does Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression have to be so mean? The cold open bit replaced the usual political cold open- typically centered on the latest Trump debacle and likely was a response to former castmember Rob Schneider’s recent complaints about the show. Schneider had told The Daily News that Saturday Night Live is too on the nose with their Trump hatred, and said the fun of the show was never knowing exactly what their take would be on a given week, even if you knew it would lean liberal.


It wasn’t a perfect week, but there were some bright spots.  The highlight of this week’s sketches and shorts was also Mothers Day themed. Amy starred with castmember Mikey Day in a digital short called “The Day You Were Born.” Schumer plays a mom who gets a nice surprise when her husband and son surprise her with breakfast in bed on Mothers Day. Mommy tells her son about the day he was born, a sweet story about the most beautiful and perfect day of her life, juxtaposed with images of the reality of childbirth reminiscent of last year’s “A Girl’s Halloween” sketch. The sketch is dedicated to all the moms in the world with thanks, “for pretending it was easy.”

And SNL proves once again that any Melissa McCarthy guest appearance is an instant classic, and an instant character we want to see come back again and again, with another great Weekend Update appearance by the queen of characters. McCarthy joined in with the Mothers Day theme last night appearing as Michael Che’s step mom, sitting in with him during Weekend Update. Don’t let us spoil a moment, just watch it for yourself.


The other bit that people are talking about today was a cute but forgettable mash-up of Sex in the City meets the Handmaids Tale. Combining the characters of Hulu’s smash hit show with unnecessary narration, over-laughing and all the little details that drove us nuts about SITC, it’s worth a watch.



Saturday Night Live returns next week with one final episode to wrap season 43.  Tina Fey will be hosting and it should be a great one.

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