What Did You Miss on Saturday Night Live This Week: October 13, 2018?

This week Seth Meyers returned to host Saturday Night Live and like most SNL alum hosts, appeared in just about every sketch.

The highlight performance of the night however, was delivered by reigning SNL mainstay, Kenan Thompson, appearing as Bill Cosby in a prison-themed sketch. Thompson’s Cosby isn’t feeble, or miserable in jail- he’s working the system and maintaining his dominance as everyone’s dad, and just adapted it to prison life. When a new inmate arrives, Cosby shows him the ropes, and maintains his status as a guy with a private cell. It was the best sketch of the night by far, showing why Kenan has stayed on longer than any other castmember.

The rest of the show was filled with sketches ranging from passable to awful, putting Weekend Update second in the rankings of show highlights this week. Colin Jost and Michael Che had a powerful segment about climate change, offering up the only explanation they could think of for why people aren’t freaking out more about the latest proclamation that catastrophic climate change is coming within 12 years. It’s just too big and too scary to think about. Jost and Che offer some ways we can try to get people more interested. “Nobody cares about everything, people only care about some things,” Che said, suggesting that if Fox news reported instead that Climate Change would Destroy All Confederate Flags and Statues by 2030, people might pay more attention. Or what if we said we were going to lose Atlanta by 2013 instead of the whole planet. Watch the segment below.

The Kanye West cold open is worth a few laughs, but it is tough to parody something that already looked like an SNL parody when it was happening live, IRL.

Our final highlight is Halloween themed, with a scary story told around the campfire. Featuring a group of friends played by Seth Meyers, Melissa Villaseñor, Heidi Gardner, Alex Moffat, and Beck Bennett, the scariest story of all centers around being stuck at lunch with an annoying person who thinks they have some great insight. The scariest part– he wants your phone number.

Saturday Night Live returns live on November 3rd with Jonah Hill hosting and musical guest Maggie Rogers.

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