Mike Epps on Late Night Talks About Playing Pryor

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Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers Mike Epps was a guest. Epps has been busy. He just had a role in HBO’s Bessie where he had a sex scene with Queen Latifah, who he said smells like “vanilla ass crack.”

Epps biggest project though is playing Richard Pryor in the upcoming biopic. He revealed that he’s been planning to play Richard for a long long time, even since Richard was still alive, and would visit him often at the end of his life. Eddie Murphy and Oprah are also in the film. Meeting Oprah made Mike want to call his momma, but it was fellow guest Eric Stonestreet who stole the interview when he asked what Oprah smelled like. “Money,” Epps said. “She smelled like money.”

Later, Seth asked Mike about some of his early stories about the tough times performing comedy, particularly on the Chitlin circuit.  If you aren’t familiar with that, Epps explained that when you play the Chitlin circuit you’re playing bars, small grills, and other non-clubs. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to have to literally stop the party to get everyone’s attention so Mike could start his act. Tough room.



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