Michelle Wolf has Comedy Cavalry Come to Her Aid (not that she needed it)

Comedians React to Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents Speech and Backlash

As everyone knows by now, Michelle Wolf was the host of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and throughout the day on Sunday, politicians and media representatives gave her a brutal trashing so bad that many are calling for the WHCA to stop inviting comedians to preside over their annual event.

But comedians banded together on Sunday in agreement, praising Wolf’s monologue, and smashing her decriers on Twitter.  Throughout our feed comedians responded (overwhelmingly positively) to Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents Dinner monologue, and (overwhelmingly negative) to the backlash she received from Trump staffers, and members of the media.

They also reacted to Dennis Miller and Roseanne Barr- comedians who joined the mob taking shots at Wolf.  It’s one of our favorite social media list reads this year. #TeamComedy! #FeeltheLove

And in a move absolutely nobody saw coming, Kathy Griffin enjoyed love from near and far on Twitter on Sunday after a 26 tweet manifesto supporting Wolf that resonated all over the internet.


Watch the speech if you haven’t already, and enjoy the #lovefest #feedback.








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