Michael Ian Black Wants to Read You a Book

Today Earwolf and Stitcher announced their new podcast offerings; among the six new offerings is an interesting one from comedian Michael Ian Black. Titled “Obscure” the new podcast will feature Michael Ian Black reading the classic Thomas Hardy novel “Jude the Obscure” cover to cover.  Episodes will include Black adding commentary, and special guests from the comedy world each week.  “Obscure” hits the podwaves starting on June 8.

The twin platforms are also offering a podcast from Paul Scheer who will be working with film critic Amy Nicholson to take on the AFI’s 100 Greatest Movies of All Time for their new podcast “Unspooled” which launches May 17th.  Artists and filmmakers will join the duo to talk about these films throughout.

Comedians Paul F. Thompkins, Scott Aukerman, Lauren Lapkus are now available on Stitcher Premium with their new cast “Threedom” that’s just the three comedians gabbing together.  If you’re not on premium, Threedom will be available this coming fall.

Also on the new roster, a “Gossip” comedic and episodic soap opera with Allison Raskin starting on June 14,  Matt McConkey helmed “Lost and Found” talking with comedians, writers and actors who were adopted on May 23rd, and “John Levenstein’s Retirement Party” will offer listeners personal stories from the writers’ room and advice on a variety of topics, including health and financial tips, dream real estate destinations, how to settle feuds and more, launching May 9, will be co-hosted by actress and writer Mary Kobayashi.


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