Meme’d From the Headlines: Things We Will Miss About the Ron & Fez Show

The Ron and Fez Show ended this week, news you couldn’t miss if you follow this site, and after so many years of entertainment, and how much they have meant to the comedy community for 20 years– and this past year more than ever– everyone wants their own way to say goodbye.  Kevin Kanach who puts together the Meme’d From the Headlines Column every day wrote us a great email about how Ron gave him his start writing bits back in the WNEW days.

“Ronnie was unbelievable with me even getting me an interview, and having me sit in on writers meetings. He and Fez have always meant a lot to me. Ronnie is a true genius and welcomed me….a complete nobody…into (literally) the inner circle. We sat after the shows in his and Fezzies office and shot the shit. I remember riding down the elevator one night with Ron, Fez, Al Dukes, Billy Staples and Mickey D thinking to myself “how did i get here?! And why?” I still do…. It was a time i will never forget.”

“Ron and Fez were an instant spark that gave us all a feeling that maybe this all does matter……i can’t say it enough…..Thanks for the ride!”

So here is one last Ron and Fez related post, before we put this to bed for good.

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