Melissa McCarthy Unconcerned About Ghostbusters Haters

melissa mccarthy ghostbusters

Melissa McCarthy isn’t worried about what haters think of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, she’s more worried about the haters themselves. “I just hope they find a friend,” she recently told The Guardian in an interview about the upcoming film.

Actually the full quote was, “All those comments – ‘You’re ruining my childhood!’ I mean, really,” McCarthy said. “Four women doing any movie on earth will destroy your childhood?” “I have a visual of those people not having a Ben, not having friends, so they’re just sitting there and spewing hate into this fake world of the internet. I just hope they find a friend.”

We’re only six weeks away from the release of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot, and for our money its the must see comedy of the summer. Paul Feig might be the best comedy director working today, Melissa McCarthy could be the comedy’s number one leading lady, and when they are working together, it ups both of their games infinitely, so the upside here is gigantic. In the other direction, you have the most disliked trailer ever released on YouTube, and haters who have been complaining since the all-female led reboot was announced. Either way, we can’t wait to see how this turns out. Everything we’ve seen and heard behind the scenes is leading us in the direction of a gigantic hit, but we won’t know for sure until we see the film along with everyone else on July 15th.

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