Mark Normand Performs Stand Up on Conan

By our count, Tuesday night was Mark Normand’s 7th appearance on Conan. It’s easy to tell that Mark is one of Conan O’Brien’s favorite stand up acts to book on his show, considering that Team Coco has shortened the TBS late night talk series to only 30 minutes long and they reserved nearly 17% that time for Mark Normand’s set. While on Conan, Mark Normand was promoting his dates all this weekend at the Comedy Cellar Vegas at the Rio Hotel & Casino and his 2017 special, “Amy Schumer Presents Mark Normand: Don’t Be Yourself” which is available on iTunes if you haven’t seen it yet or if you’ve seen it before and just need some big laughs in your life all over again.

Mark opened his set on Conan by explaining why brewery tours are completely unnecessary to him. He then talked about how he came to a mutual understanding with a gay friend of his and gave some pretty convincing reasons on why he has more in common with this friend than the guy even realized. Mark also discussed a new prejudice in the country that has evolved from the dating app age that we live in and that’s the bias that comes from women who are “height supremacists.” When it comes to relationships, Mark also told the audience about a brave moment in his own relationship and a discrepancy between the sexes where the advantage is decidedly male.

According to Mark Normand last night on Conan, the words comedians use are becoming a more and more sensitive issue to comedy audiences everywhere and he also wanted to “spread the love” the around when it came to white privilege in America. He explained that everyone has some privileges in their lives no matter what their background is and it’s not just white people who enjoy an advantage here and there.

Mark’s set from Tuesday night’s Conan is available from TeamCoco for you to watch below and you can see Mark Normand currently touring the country with stops coming up at Comedy on State in Madison, Wisconsin, Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta and the Improv in Tempe, Arizona before he heads across the Atlantic to open for Bert Kreischer on the European leg of Bert’s current tour. You can also hear Mark Normand each week on his popular and hilarious podcast “Tuesdays with Stories” co-hosted by Joe List and produced by Stand Up NY Labs.

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