Margaret Cho Rape Jokes Ignite Fights at NJ Club


TMZ is reporting that Margaret Cho’s set on Saturday Night in New Jersey caused fights and walked a lot of the crowd. Reportedly Cho went on a tear about rape and being a rape victim and complained about white people having it so easy.

This went down Saturday night, as Cho headlined the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ. TMZ obtained video of part of the set.  TMZ is calling it a meltdown.

In the short video you can hear Cho telling an audience member, “I don’t know what brought you here, but you will never get a cent of the money back that you paid.” You can also hear audience members say “there’s a reason why half the people left” and “This is comedy before Easter?? Rape, rape, rape?”

Cho responded on Twitter saying that she wasn’t high that night, and blamed jetlag for some of what went down.  She also said “I just think that survivors of abuse should speak their truth & I do!”

Not everyone who saw Cho at the Stress Factory this weekend was complaining. Cho received love on Twitter from some people who were at the Stress Factory this weekend including Eric Robinson who said “I laughed so hard that I got a headache. Amazing show” and Ester Chen who tweeted a photo and “we had so much fun!! #inspired.” Another tweeter said “U made me laugh & cry. Ur an inspiration & did ur mentors proud. Love u ❤️”, and “Saw in the late night show at the Stress Factory. She always just as I expected and more. Simply amazing and hilarious!”

No reports on why things were able to escalate so quickly at the Stress Factory, or whether bouncers got involved.

Cho has spoken openly, particularly in the past year, about being a sex worker, and a rape survivor. In September, she told Billboard magazine that she was raped repeatedly as a young girl and as a teenager, and then in October took to social media to defend sex workers in a lengthy epic Twitter rant.

UPDATE: Both Cho and the owner of the club where the incident took place have both released statements about the incident.  More on that here.

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