Man Who Kicked Chevy Chase Says “He Started It”

After police reports revealed at a 22 year old man was arrested for kicking Chevy Chase in the shoulder during a road rage incident, the man who allegedly kicked Chase is talking to media, and he’s telling a different story than the one reported by the famed comedian and actor.

Michael Landrio told the New York Post that its was Chevy who dove toward him, and threatened to ruin his life. He said he was driving in the right lane approaching the Mario Cuomo Bridge, and changed lanes when “an old guy yelling” grabbed their attention. Landrio described Chase as “an old guy yelling” and says he was “super pissed off,” and following them the entire length of the new bridge.

He claims that he had no idea who the man was when Chase blocked him and his friends from passing with his Mercedes.Landrio told the New York Post that after the cars were both stopped, Chase shouted “You know who the fuck I am”, pulled the car door open and entered the car before threatening to hit Landrio. He says he only kicked Chase after the actor threw a punch, and had no idea who he was until after the cop told him. “I looked him up on Google and I still didn’t know who he was,” he told the Post. “He didn’t look like he looked when he made his movies.”

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