Luis J. Gomez’s First Hour Special Debuts Monday April 1st! In This Preview Clip, Gomez Asks “What Did Louis C.K. Really Do?”

Luis J. Gomez’s first hour special rolls out Monday April 1st, and it’s going to be like no other special you’ve seen before.

Gomez has become a major figure in the New York comedy scene both on and off stage, and for his first special. Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez, you’re getting all sides of LJG.  As the title suggests, Gomez produced the hour himself as part of the GaS Digital platform. You’re getting the full Gomez here. Because it’s self produced and distributed, there’s no censorship, no fear of reprisals, and the content goes to places that you can guarantee no other hour this year will go.  There’s probably no need to tell you that it’s for mature audiences only, and the clip below where Gomez talks about the biggest controversy in comedy this decade will give you a pretty good sense of what you can expect from the hour.  Fans and skanks everywhere can be assured, this is 100% of what you love about Luis.  It’s all heart.

Filmed at the world famous Cutting Room in New York City, the hour is a collection of jokes and stories featuring Luis J. Gomez’s unique take on fatherhood, racism, drug abuse, sex, and more.

Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez is a follow up to Dave Smith’s Libertas, released last year. The intro music is from Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta,.  Luis’ best friend and fellow Skank Big Jay Oakerson brings him up on stage which is a nice touch- Gomez has intro’ed Jay on almost all his albums.

It’s easy to get, just go to or all the usual places but if you want to help Gomez chart, go to iTunes or Google Play.


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