Comedians React On Twitter to Louis C.K. News (Update)

We follow the biggest and funniest comedians in the world which gives us a front row seat to what comedians are thinking when news breaks. Today there is no bigger topic on Twitter than people reacting to the New York Times article about Louis C.K. Some made jokes, others just reacted with shock or a total lack of shock, but most of the comedians talking about Louis on Twitter were united in their anger, and disgust for the allegations formally released by the New York Times today, and support for the women who came forward and a movement by women to support women comedians in their careers and help them to become more visible.

After Friday’s news brought a confession and apology from the comedian, and severed relationships with management, his publicist, and FX Network, comedians continued to react.

Here is a look at what we’re seeing from the comedy world tonight.

Reactions to the New York Times Article

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