Louis C.K. Wants To Try Broadway


What he really wants to do is act on stage. Louis C.K. is getting itchy to try out the Great White Way. The star of “Louie” returning tonight with season 5 on FX, told the Hollywood Reporter that he would like to do a play. Louis said, “If somebody said to me, ‘Here’s a part in a play,’ I’d definitely try it, and some day I’d like to try to write one.”

Louis C.K. explained why he’s so fascinated with Broadway and its actors and what a play does to him emotionally. “That’s a huge mystery to me. Every time I go to a Broadway play of any kind — good or bad — as soon as the lights go out and people come onstage and start to speak, I start to cry. I can’t help it. The first minute of any play feels really stupid — they’re pretending the audience isn’t there, and they’re having this loud dialogue, and you’re like, ‘What the fuck are these people doing?’ — but it’s so vulnerable. It’s such an effort, and it’s such a generous thing to do, and so I always get all choked up.”

Right now there’s no plans to see Louis C.K. tread the boards, but you can see his television acting on the Season 5 premiere of “Louie” tonight on FX at 10:30pm et.

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