Louis C.K. Drops Keep Coming; Managers, Publicists and FX are Out; TBS Suspends Project

FX has decided to completely sever their long running and very successful relationship with Louis C.K. after the comedian released a statement today admitting that the sexual misconduct accusations against him are accurate.

Earlier today in his statement Louis alluded to taking some time away from work, saying it’s time to sit back and listen for awhile, but it looks that that decision isn’t entirely his to make. Nobody in the business wants to be associated with him. Comedians are speaking out against him, his behavior and even his apology, his manager and publicist want out and in and FX has joined HBO and Netflix’s earlier decision to cease all interaction with Louis C.K., and it looks like TBS may be the next to follow suit.

The FX news is the biggest bombshell for Louis; C.K. practically put the network on the map with the success of Louie, and the massive critical love for projects he Executive Produced like Baskets and Better Things. The fate of the latter two series is unclear. FX’s statement did not specifically say whether they were canceling or continuing the shows but the lack of a clear cancellation may mean there’s hope that the two worthy projects could survive the fallout, as long as Louis C.K. doens’t participate in the shows in any way.

FX said in their statement that even though they are not aware of any misconduct related to his work for the network, “now is not the time for him to make television shows. Now is the time for him to honestly address the women who have come forth to speak about their painful experiences, a process which he began today with his public statement.”

C.K. was working with Albert Brooks on an animated series, “The Cops” for TBS but the network today suspended all production on the series until further review. The series had received a straight to series commitment with a planned 2018 release.

His management company, 3 Arts has also released a statement saying they have terminated their relationship with the comic and are also taking steps to “strengthen our processes and procedures while engaging with our staff to address any concerns about harassment or abuse of power. This behavior is totally unacceptable in all circumstances and must be confronted and addressed.”

C.K.’s publicist Lewis Kay tweeted his decision to terminate their relationship.

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