Louis C.K. Drops First Post-Scandal Special on LouisCK.com

Well here’s a controversy to take your mind off Corona news for a few minutes.  Today Louis C.K. sent an email out to his mailing list announcing his first post-scandal special, available now on his website, louisck.com.

The move will certainly piss off those who feel C.K. hasn’t earned his way back into the world of comedy, but C.K. fans will feel that this news came right on time- when they need a laugh more than ever.  In fact, in his email, Louis references that saying that some people need to laugh more than ever when things get shitty.  “In fact,” he writes, “the shittier things get, the more serious, the more dark the more terrifying, the more dangerous and dire anything is, the more important it is to laugh in The midst of it and often directly in its face.”

He also acknowledges that others think it’s wrong to laugh during times of tragedy and says he respects that as well, but for those who need to laugh, he offers “his new show.”

Filmed in Washtington DC at the Warner Theater, the hour opens with a blue jean and black tshirt clad C.K. walking out to a  standing ovation. Louis immediately addresses his time off, but we suspect not in a way that will satisfy his critics. He also talks in very Louis C.K. fashion about his mothers passing which happened during his time away from the stage, which is of course a natural lead in to his thoughts on God and religion.

Yes, he talks about jerking off in front of women, yes he talks about losing his entire career, and no it’s not a soft peddle, its not apologetic, and he is not looking for anyone’s approval. Is the hour offensive? You bet it is and purposefully so. At one point C.K. explains the he gets off on the idea of saying words that make others cringe. And Louis seems to hit every danger zone. He uses all the dirty words. There’s a lengthy bit about the word retarded, and retarded people. He jokes about physically handicapped people, being mean, making fun of religions, joking about dead babies! And a particularly funny bit that involves beastiality. But it wasn’t any of these that made the audience groan, and it wasn’t the joke about Auschwitz either. We’re not telling which joke made the audience collectively recoil. You’ll have to watch and see that for yourself.

Sincerely, Louis C.K. will set you back $7.99, and you can debate whether you want to spend the cash right now, but most likely if you read this site, you’re going to buy it sooner or later.


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