Louis C.K. Announces Record Breaking 4th Show At The Garden

LOUIE: Louis C.K. stars in LOUIE on FX.

Louis C.K. isn’t looking to just break a record at Madison Square Garden, he’s looking to shatter it. No comedian has ever sold out more that two shows in the same month on the same tour at the Garden. When Louis added his third show in January coming up on the 24th, he started closing in on the record books. Now with show number 3 just about sold out, Louis is going for number 4. He announced through his website and email that a 4th show has been added to the MSG schedule. That show is Tuesday, January 27th. As soon as he’s done selling out the Garden as much as he wants, Louis says it’s back to work on the next season of “Louie” on FX.

In email to his fans and subscribers, Louis C.K. wrote,

I mean, if you keep buying the tickets, I have to keep doing the shows. My third show at Madison square garden on Saturday is nearly sold out. That happened even faster than the show before it. And both of the shows that I’ve done there have been intensely fun. So I’m going to add another show.

I want to thank MSG for accommodating us with all of these shows and ticketmaster for allowing me to do our all in ticketing with no additional fee.

Ok. That’s it for now. Crazy times.

Thank you so much.


You can be a part of these crazy time we’re living in and comedy history at Madison Square Garden by getting tickets at LouisCK.net.

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