Louie Anderson Has a Podcast!

louie anderson has a podcast

Comedian Louie Anderson  is entering the world of podcasting and no, he said, “The Louie Anderson Podcast” is not about jelly beans.

He called SiriusXM’s The Ron and Fez Show yesterday to explain what he’s planning to cover in his show. – “It’s interviews with comics and entertainers others about their journey. It’s always going to be about their journey. How they get there.” Louie added – “My thing is just come at it from my own experience and go – how is my journey? And when did you know you had made it and what do you still like about it? And what’s still really important to you?”

The first guests announced for the podcast are comedians Frank Caliendo, Carrot Top and Harry Basil. He also hopes to have Jay Mohr on the podcast soon.

Louie also said that he has a brand new comedy special in the works.  “I just want it to be as good as my first special. That’s my new goal.” His first special “Mom! Louie’s Looking at Me Again” in 1989 received great reviews and cemented Louie’s place among the elites in stand up comedy.

The Louie Anderson Podcast is available now on iTunes and at LouieAnderson.com

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