Look Which Comedian Landed the Role of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Back when Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was still Mayor, memes, videos and news stories flew around the internet, and everyone would make jokes about who would play Ford if there were to be a movie about his life.

It’s a coveted role, as the former Mayor’s darkly comedic rise, fall, life and death will provide a lot of range. His life inspired a rollercoaster of emotions from those who followed him in the news and on social media- caught on video smoking crack, saying crazy thing after crazy thing earning pages and pages of headlines.

If anyone suggested Jim Gaffigan at the time, we didn’t see or hear it but what a great choice for the role. Gaffigan will play the former Mayor in a scripted series that is being developed for AMC, according to Variety.com.

Jesse McKeown Ed Helms and Mike Falbo are producing for their Pacific Electric Picture Co.. with Michael Dowse who will also direct.