Liz Miele Joke Solves a Huge Problem #TheHomophobeAmendment

Yesterday, Liz Miele posted a joke that has been grabbing attention all over the internet and may solve a few of our country’s problems. “The Homophone Amendment” which fantasizes what a better world we would live in if people whose sensibilities are stuck in the 1950’s weren’t allowed to have any technology created past 1959.

The clip was recorded last July at The Museum of Comedy in London, when Miele was previewing her hour show before bringing it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

She was inspired to post the joke by recent events in the news- specifically Charlottesville. “I was watching the VICE doc about the Charlottesville protests and there is a scene where this white supremacist is calling the police on his cell phone about getting “his guys” out of there, (referring to the park where they originally were protesting) and the whole thing made me angry and sick to my stomach,” she said. “But watching this guy on a cell phone and telling people ‘whites’ are better, made me think of this recent bit I wrote just a year previously and how I wish it could be applied to the nazis/white supremacist that are coming out these days.”

You may remember Miele’s “Feminist Sex Positions” bit that went viral in 2014.

We love Liz, we featured her in our “Up Next” series last summer with some great photos from Phil Provencio. You can follow Liz on Twitter @lizmiele, visit her website to find out where she’s performing, and her album, Mind Over Melee is available everywhere albums are sold and watch the clip below.

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