Listen to Street Jokes Live: Episode 2 Now

On Thursday June 9th, an epic edition of Street Jokes Live went down at The Stand in New York City. Ron and Gail Bennington hosted a panel of four comedians who brought their A-Game telling street jokes. If you’re unfamiliar, a Street Joke is a joke that the teller hasn’t written. It’s an old joke that they’ve heard somewhere- at work, from a friend, around the dinner table. These jokes have been told and retold and often involve “a man.”  A man walks into a bar…. a Priest and a Rabbi are at the Gates of Heaven…how many blondes does it take to screw in a light bulb…and so on.

For our second edition of Street Jokes Live, we brought together Mark Normand, Ari Shaffir, Dante Nero, and Jeffrey Gurian to tell their favorite street jokes. Ron Bennington and Gail Bennington hosted the show, and also taking the stage were Chris Stanley, Vito Calise, Jenn Daniels, and Justin Heritage. The night had some real surprises, including an unexpected audience member vs audience member knockout round. And you’ll never guess who had the best street jokes game.

There’s an art to telling a great street joke, and it’s a talent that is largely underappreciated…until now.

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