Listen To An Exclusive Clip From Joe List’s New Album


Joe List’s second comedy album, Are You Mad at Me? comes out this Friday, July 15th, and it’s outstanding. We talked with Joe earlier this week about how to stay sane and happy and still have a career as a comedian, and we’re not sure he has all the answers, but it’s a good start.

Last summer may have seemed like the Summer of Joe, with List’s outstanding performances on Last Comic Standing. A strong Comedy Central Half Hour followed, but his new album blows both away. List performed his phenomenal hour for the album at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, New York. Using some material from his half hour but honing it even tighter, and adding plenty of new material, List’s “Are You Mad at Me?” is absolutely something you want in your digital collection.

Listen to a track from “Are You Mad at Me?” exclusively available on The Interrobang.

In this track, titled “Aruba”, List talks about the trouble with taking the early flight on your vacation to Aruba.

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