Lisa Lampanelli Redlines on Stage After Fan Heckles (Updated)

Update: Lisa Lampanelli explained to TMZ why she went crazy on the heckling fan. Basically it comes down to the fact that he interrupted her while she was crowdworking someone on the other side of the theater. Lampanelli says she isn’t pissed that the video went viral, because she looks really skinny in the video. Scroll down to see the interview.

They’re calling it a meltdown, they’re calling it nuclear. It’s Lisa Lampanelli, the absolute queen of mean showing a heckler that nobody can be more vicious. But it goes a little bit further than just a great comic tearing apart a heckler- Lampanelli sounds like she lost her cool on stage, something that happens to most comics at one point or another in their careers to varying degrees. But despite being the Queen of Mean, there’s nobody sweeter than Lampanelli, who is truly one of the great headliners performing today.

Of course we don’t know what happened leading up to this video clip that got tempers so flared on Sunday at the San Jose City National Civic center. We know that Lampanelli went hardcore rant on stage after an audience member offered her $100 to shut up.

“Get the fuck out,” she screamed at him. “If you’re going to fucking talk shit to me at my own show, mother fucker, I will give you personally your money back because I don’t need to work for people.” She called him stupid, a fucking idiot and said she’d tear up his $100, before turning to yell at the lighting crew who may have been trying to diffuse the attention. “First of all, did I fucking tell you to leave those fucking lights on. I said it and I fucking mean it you fucking moron. Anyone who thinks I need any fucking help needs to shut the fuck up. Anyone of you.” At one point on the video you can hear her saying, “I’m just saying be quiet Stevie Nicks retarded cousin.”

Fans seemed concerned for the comedian who walked off stage early, and they tweeted their well wishes. Others were upset that she lost her cool and left early.

Lampanelli has been on tour, without incident, in Seattle and Anaheim this weekend, and reception to her tour has been overwhelmingly positive.

TMZ posted the story, and an exclusive video shot by someone in the audience.

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