Lewis Black Takes On Canada’s #1 Problem in a Clip From His New Album with Kathleen Madigan

Lewis Black & Kathleen Madigan went to Canada (at this moment in U.S. history when it kind of makes sense to just go to Canada), and made an album called Lewis and Kathleen Escape the U.S. as part of an extended tour of the nation up north. Released exclusively via Audible, this new comedy album is the perfect complement to the mood of a whole lot of comedy fans right now, full of and piss and vinegar. It was created by the reigning king and queen of unsatisfied annoyance, Kathleen Madigan and Lewis Black.

And we’ve got an exclusive track featuring Lewis pointing that anger directly at an unsuspecting but always deserving target. Black of course, has made a career out of voicing the anger of Americans in the zeitgeist; this time he helped give a voice to the irritations and annoyances of polite-by-reputation Canada.

Don’t tense up, this clip is not aimed at you. It’s not about you. And you won’t have to get defensive about it. Our exclusive track spotlights Lewis lending his trademark level of annoyance to the gripe of someone far North of the border. You couldn’t possibly take this track personally- unless you are the reason Canadian restaurants don’t offer fresh brewed unsweetened iced tea. And we’re willing to bet you’re not.

Lewis has a long standing gripe with the fact that while traveling in Canada you cannot order an unsweetened iced tea in a restaurant. A Canadian shared his frustration in a letter to Lewis, to which Black now lends his trademarked anger filled delivery.

Even if you’re a big fan of canned, sweetened iced tea, you will be able to relate to the ridiculousness of Canada’s ridiculous iced tea customs.

Lewis and Kathleen Escape the US is a stand-up album with way more than just jokes. The Grammy-award winning comedian performs rants sent in from the public, and he and Kathleen respond to them from the stage. They also bring us onto their fabled tour bus, as they criss-cross the provinces, explaining why things are the way they are in the USA. The album also features Lewis reflecting on how he came to a life making people laugh, as well as insightful tidbits, like why he never fully ties his tie (Daily Show fans know what we’re talking about).

Lewis and Kathleen Escape the U.S. is out October 23rd exclusively on Audible.

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