Leslie Jones to Twitter: Y’all Need To Get Some Security

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Leslie Jones looking stunning on Late Night Thursday night, had a lot to say about the Twitter firestorm that surrounded her all week after she was subject to a tidal wave of hate from Twitter trolls.

Most importantly she says that she never left Twitter. “First off let me let everybody know I did not leave Twitter. I didn’t leave, I just signed out because I wanted to deal with what was going on. And then I went to bed and I woke up the next morning and went, They said I left Twitter! Wait! I didn’t leave!”

She also said that she’s used to racism and insults, and that individually none of the comments hurt her.  But she found the injustice of “a gang of people jumping against you for such a sick cause” to be so disturbing that she wanted to bring it to public attention, and to the attention of Twitter’s corporate team.  She said that unlike other social media networks, Twitter doesn’t handle its problem people and compared what happens on Twitter to a great restaurant with bad security.  “It’s like that’s my favorite restaurant, I love the food there. Three people just got shot in front of me. Y’all need to get some security.”


Jones met with the CEO of Twitter who she referred to as just Jack, and said she was happy with the resolution. For those who complain about free speech, Jones replied that there isn’t room in free speech for hate speech.

Jones currently stars in the reboot of Ghostbusters in theaters now.

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