Last Comic Standing Top Ten is Set With Five More Comedians Moving Forward

last comic standing top ten group two

Last night on NBC five more comedians were selected to join the Last Comic Standing Top Ten.  Michael Palascak, Ian Bagg, Joe List, Ryan Conner and Dominique all  impressed the judges enough to move on last night.

Ian Bagg killed it right off the bat, taking Wanda Sykes advice to start working the crowd as soon as he hit the stage. And the judges loved him for it. Keenan, whose seen Bagg perform before was thrilled with the change and said “this is who I was waiting to see.” Ian’s set made it to the LCS YouTube page and you can watch it below. Ryan Conner who went up right after Bagg, told stories about his unusual family composition- 11 kids of different races, and cultures. He got over big with a Jesus joke that Norm loved. Dominique got great response from all three judges for her great set, that touched on learning how to enjoy white barbeques and the hilarious  dangers of putting peas in the potato salad. Michael Palascak killed with Norm’s favorite joke, “The only thing I know about capitalism is if I see a period, the next letter should be bigger” even though Norm kind of mangled it while complimenting it. Keenan called Michael’s terrorism joke absolutely brilliant.  But the set of the night once again goes to Joe List, who Norm called platinum.  Roseanne loved Joe’s line about the difference between unwinding and unraveling when you drink, but the set was absolutely monster from the first line to the last. We’re hoping the set makes its way into a YouTube clip so that everyone can hear what Joe saw as a sign that he should stop drinking.

If Joe was the highlight, the lowlight was Norm’s rough words for comedian Andi Smith who we really liked.  He told her “I was very disappointed, I don’t know what happened, I cannot explain it cause you were so good last week.”  She was good this week too, leaving us wondering if Norm was confusing her with the other Andy who moved into the top 10 last week.  While we’re on the subject of lowlights, like last week, instead of showing the comics who did poorly, we just got a glimpse of the judges being tough.  Some of the quotes ranged from a somewhat kind “great set last week but i didn’t feel it this week” to “it took you awhile to get going and THAT PISSES ME OFF!!!!” from Roseanne.

But proving even a seasoned headliner can throw a joke out there that doesn’t go over with the judges, our favorite host-judge banter moment of the week comes from Anthony Jeselnik.  Anthony made a Tom Arnold joke that  bombed with the judges, but not because they didn’t laugh, it was more that they just didn’t understand. We don’t know who to laugh at here, Jeselnik or Norm and Roseanne, but the whole thing was hilarious. Here’s the joke.   Jeselnik said “Roseanne, you were married to a comedian once …..if you want to be generous,” which got a laugh.  So far so good.  Everyone gets it.  Tom Arnold isn’t funny.

And it probably should have ended there, but then Rosanne points out that she was actually married to two comedians.  Jeselnik asked, “Who was the other one?” she says “My first husband was a comedian too.”  Jeselnik quick fires back “but who was the other one?” It was obvious to the audience that the joke there was that Tom Arnold isn’t funny, but instead of picking up on that Norm tried to come to the rescue explaining Roseanne’s marital history.  “She’s saying Tom Arnold was her second husband, but her first husband was also a comedian.”  Oh jeeze.  Well you can’t just let that lay there, so Jeselnik finishes it off with the line”Tom Arnold was a comedian?”  Cue laugh, and off we go.

Michael Palascak, Ian Bagg, Joe List, Ryan Conner and Dominique join last week’s top comics Clayton English, Taylor Thompson, Andy Erickson, Sheng Wang and Francisco Ramos.


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