Last Comic Standing Talk Show Challenge: The Final 8


Tonight, Thursday, July 3rd at 10 pm Eastern,  the remaining 8 finalists on Last Comic Standing will be putting their conversation skills to the test.

This is the Last Comic Standing Talk Show Challenge. It’s designed to see which comedians can handle the pressures of appearing as a talk show guest. The talk show they’re all shooting for tonight is “Ellen” with Ellen DeGeneres making a special Last Comic Standing appearance.

The way the challenge will work is each of the 8 comic finalists will have a phone pre-interview with a producer from “Ellen”. They have to get past the pre-interview process in order to get on Ellen’s show in front of her audience. Only 3 are going to have the chance to sit down on the set and talk with Ellen. Of those 3, Ellen’s studio audience members will judge who is the winner. That comic will have immunity from tonight’s elimination. The other 7 will then vote to see which comics face each other in the Head-to-Head competition, which we’ve seen can send one or more comedians home in a night. The regular LCS judges, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Roseanne and Russell Peters will decide the Head-to-Head competitors’ fate.

To help the final 8 prepare for their pre-interviews, will be LCS executive producer, mentor and  frequent talk show guest, Wanda Sykes.

Cheer for your favorite finalist to get to meet Ellen. Rocky LaPorte, Karlous Miller, Lachlan Patterson Nikki Carr, Rod Man, DC Benny, Monroe Martin and Joe Machi all compete tonight in the Talk Show Challenge.

And be sure to join us right here tonight at 10pm eastern time to live comment on Last Comic Standing.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s challenge from


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