Last Comic Standing Sketch Challenge: Straight Up Recap


Last night on Last Comic Standing, there were shocks and surprises everywhere, but nothing more shocking than the news that Jimmy Shubert and Aida Rodriguez would be the first finalists to go home. Here’s how it all went down, in your Last Comic Standing Sketch Challenge Straight Up Recap.

The comedians were divided up into two teams, with each team having to perform a comedy sketch. Team SketchySnakes was up first with Joe Machi playing a burn victim, Lachlan Patterson and Monroe Martin playing news anchors, Karlous Miller as the director and Nikki Carr as the hit man. It started off pretty rough, with none of the players remembering to start the sketch, but Nikki Carr ran away with this one, and seemed to save the day. Team Business had a rougher time, and there was plenty of infighting among teammates Jimmy Shubert, Rocky LaPorte, DC Benny, Aida Rodriguez and Rod Man. Team Business had the advantage of comic-ly large coffee mugs, but that wasn’t enough to fight the power of Karlous Miller’s over the top wig, and guest mentor Cheryl Hines chose Team SketchySnakes as the winners. Lets be honest, both teams had a tough time with this challenge.

With all the members of the SketchySnakes safe this week, all ten comics walked up a really large flight of stairs to vote for who they wanted to put on the bubble. The three comics with the most votes– Jimmy Shubert, Aida Rodriguez and Rod Man– then had to face off with stand up performances at the Improv. Only one of the three would survive.

Jimmy Shubert delivered a killer set about being dumped by text messages, and the judges all loved the set.  Russell worried that the audience didn’t connect, but he loved the set. Roseanne told Shubert his writing was great, and Keenan was impressed that Jimmy didn’t let the un-lively audience shake his concentration.

Aida Rodriguez has a good set, but seemed a little thrown by the quiet crowd, and the judges noticed. Russell was bummed that she let the audience’s low energy bring her down, and Roseanne and Keenan agreed.

Rod Man woke the audience up with his really unique set, and the judges loved him. Keenan called the set one of the funniest stories he’s ever heard, Russell said his style was so original that nobody could steal it and Roseanne said she had great respect for his artistry.

Rod Man won the challenge, which sends Jimmy Shubert and Aida Rodriguez home. We’re still stunned to see veteran Jimmy Shubert out so early, but you can vote him back in for the finale, through the somewhat confusing side-game audience vote.  Watch the “comic comeback sets” below and vote.


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