Last Comic Standing Semi Finals 2 Straight Up Recap

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Last night on Last Comic Standing the semi finals concluded. Did you miss it? No problem, we’ve got our weekly Last Comic Standing Semi Finals 2 Straight Up Recap for you. Fourteen of the twenty-eight semifinalists worked on their sets with celebrity mentor Wanda Sykes, and some of the comedians learned a few things, and others, not as much. There was a lot of love from the judges for these fourteen comedians– well most of them. But by the end of the night, we had our Final 10 comedian finalists.

Lachlan Patterson took the stage first, and opened with a joke that was a callback to Judge Keenan Ivory Wayan’s comments to him from the invitational round. Guess what? It worked like a charm. Keenan ate it up, and even though Roseanne thought Lachlan was kissing a little ass, she said he could take this whole thing. True, it’s not the first time Roseanne has said that to a comic (or the second), but still, Lachlan was happy, and  he moved on to the finals. Tall, bald and beautiful Zainab Johnson got some strongly worded advice from mentor Wanda Sykes about not doing down the ‘low self esteem’ road.  She did a great set, got herself another helping of “hey you look like me” from Keenan, but her set wasn’t strong enough to make it into the final 5. DC Benny said that his mentor session with Wanda really helped him to choose the right set. It must have worked, because DC Benny is going straight to the finals.

You may remember Nikki Carr, as the comedian who got compared to Bernie Mac in the invitational round.  The judges loved her then, and said that they were worried about whether she could bring that same level to the semi finals.  Roseanne said, she actually topped her first performance, and Nikki Carr sailed right into the finals.

There’s always a big moment in each epsisode, and usually it involves Roseanne, and usually it involves a fight.  This week, the big moment came when Roseanne told audience favorite Rocky LaPorte that she wished he had brought more tonight. She criticized him for bringing a set that wasn’t strong enough to the semi finals round. Keenan agreed with Roseanne, telling LaPorte that he started too slow. Russell disagreed (was this the first time the judges disagreed?) and said he’s becoming a big Rocky LaPorte fan. The audience resoundingly agreed with Russell, giving him what may have been the loudest applause of the night. And when it came time to announce the 5 comedians going to the finals, Rocky’s name was on the list.

Once again, the judges seemed to save their favorite performer for last, bringing on Rod Man to rap up the night. Roseanne told him that he had great observations that other comics miss by a mile.  Russell told him he killed that shit, and called him the “new occupant of the building.” All the judges loved Rod Man and he took the fifth and final “finalist” spot for the night.

Jasper Redd, Tyree Elaine, Dana Eagle, Gerald Kelly, and Erin Jackson could not make a strong enough impression on the judges this time around, and Dave Landau flat out confused Roseanne with a joke about “that time of the month” that you can watch in the highlights below. Alingon Mitra disappointed the judges with his low energy, but the in studio audience voted him as their favorite non-finalist of the night, so he will have a chance to compete against Nick Guerra next week, to try to get back into this thing.

So at the end of the first round of the semi finals, here are your five finalists, so far: Lachlan Patterson, DC Benny, Rocky LaPorte, Nikki Carr and Rod Man.

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They will join existing finalists: Jimmy Shubert, Karlous Miller, Aida Rodriguez, Monroe Martin III, and Joe Machi.



Here are some Highlights From Last Nights Last Comic Standing Semi Finals 2

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