Last Comic Standing Picks Its First 14 Semi Finalists

last comic standing semi finalists 1

Last Comic Standing premiered last night, with a whole new vibe. Norm Macdonald is on board as a new judge this year, and taking over Roseanne’s position as the most likely to say something really weird and controversial, or give a compliment that sounds like its going to be an insult #NormSays. And new host Anthony Jeselnik is mixing it up with the judges this year, throwing few shots at Norm and returning judges Roseanne and Keenan Ivory Wayans. Twenty Six comics performed, and fourteen of them will advance to the semi finals.

We always know there are going to be disappointments watching Last Comic Standing.  Every year, so many great comedians get cut too soon, but we were really bummed to see  Sam Morril going out so early after throwing some shade at Keenan Ivory Wayans. After Keenan called his set inconsistent, Morril said, “I’ve seen all the Scary Movie,”.  Norm agreed with us, saying he was looking forward to seeing Sam in the next round, Roseanne agreed with Norm, but when it came time to announce the semi finalists, Sam wasn’t on the list. Hmmm.

On the positive side, our pick for performance of the night easily goes to Ms. Pat, who Ari Shaffir chose as one of the comedians likely to break out in 2015, and she’s moving on to the Semi Finals along with thirteen other comics.

The fourteen comedians who are moving on, Ambrose Jones, Esther Povitsky, Chrystian Ramirez, Bryan Kellen, Kevin Bozeman, Amy Miller, Taylor Tomlinson, Ian Bagg, Ryan Connor, Ms. Pat, Mehran Khaghani, Moses Storm, DC Ervin and K-Von.


#NormSays and #WasThataComplimentNorm? might become the new game of the season.  Funny or awkward? Compliment or not? Probably all of the above.  Here are our picks for the top 5 #NormSays quotes from Episode 1.

“You’re also very literate.  It’s so odd that you dropped out of community college.  I guess I’m just trying to say I love you.”  That line earned Norm Detective Grandpa.  — About Taylor Tomlinson #NormSays

“I like when you say Iranian Homo a lot.  It really made me laugh and I wish you had gone on with it.” – About Mehran Khaghani #NormSays

“All of a sudden when you were at the ATM machine, you’re no longer a black guy, you were a human being.” -About DC Ervin #NormSays

“When I say I hate an ass…or I love an act…its because I live in the world of stand up. That’s all that I know. And when I see someone like you, there’s no words to describe it….The only thing I can say is, that you giggle when you do your jokes and only the greatest of standups can achieve that.  I thought it was great.” — About Chrystian Ramirez #NormSays

“…at the end, all of a sudden you’re a social commentator doing a joke that only a black person should do….People are clapping because they don’t like black people being shot by police.” — About Amy Miller


Last Comic Standing airs Wednesdays at 10pm.

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