Last Comic Standing Fast Forwards to the Final Five

last comic standing final five


If you watched Last Comic Standing last night, then like us you probably have a little comedy whiplash.  Just when we were settling in, feeling safe, knowing none of our LCS Top Ten favorites were likely to be in jeopardy, we learned that this year, there would be no messing around with a final nine, final eight, final seven and so on.  The show jumped straight from the top ten, to the top five this week, and next week a winner will be announced, making this the shortest LCS season yet.

To get from ten to five at once, there were five comedian head to head match ups, randomly chosen, virtually guaranteeing that the five comedians who moved forward would not be the best five just based on seeding alone.

Michael Palascak competed with Taylor Tomlinson. Both comics performed well, but neither particularly impressed any of the judges.  Michael edged out Taylor and advanced to the top five.  Ian Bagg impressed the judges soundly defeating Franciso Ramos with all the vote of all three judges. We’re big Bagg fans so we’re happy to see Ian move forward.  Sheng Wang took on Dominique but could not take her down, and Dominique, who is a truly unique talent will head to the final five with the vote of two judges. Andy Erickson wanted to win so much that she said she’d be willing to admit unicorns were dumb to win.  It worked, Andy defeated Ryan Conner, and then took a victory lap with a killer impression of host Anthony Jeselnik.  We talked with Andy this week, by the way, and will be sharing our interview with her before the finals. She’s amazing, she’s funny, and we’re thrilled to see her advance. Congratulations Andy!

LAST COMIC STANDING -- Episode 907 -- Pictured: (l-r) Clayton English, Joe List, Anthony Jeselnik -- (Photo by: Ben Cohen/NBC)

And in the final round, two of the judge favorites so far, Joe List and Clayton English went head to head. Only one could move on even though the judges thought both comics were stars, and both comics brought their a-game.  Both comics clearly belonged in the top five, and we would have given the edge to Joe List.  List gave his third performance and it was once again flawless, original and fall out funny (we’re still waiting for NBC to publish some Joe List clips).

But in shades of 2014 all over again, we were denied a #SummerOfJoe and the judges handed the final top five slot to Clayton.

As always Roseanne said crazy things– this time about hearing voices, Norm did some “unfocused rambling” about golf and Saturdays and gave out some feedback that may have been compliments or insults. We have no idea what wacky method the judges will choose next week to narrow down from 5 to 1, but it should be interesting. Maybe they’ll just draw straws.

Congratulations to the five finalists, Clayton English, Ian Bagg, Andy Erickson, Dominique, and Michael Palascak.

The Last Comic Standing Season Finale airs next Wednesday, September 9th.

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