Larry Charles Follows in Albert Brooks Fictional Footsteps in New Netflix Series


Deadline filled in some details on Wednesday on the upcoming series hosted by Larry Charles. The docuseries titled “Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy” features the legendary director– yes you know him from Seinfeld, Curb, Borat and Bruno among other things– checking out comedy from around the world. From Russia, China, India, Iran, Nigeria Turkey and more, Charles travels to the unlikeliest of places and speaks to the unlikeliest of comedians to unearth just how dangerous and how meaningful the world of comedy can be.

If that sounds familiar it may remind of you the movie “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World.” Not everyone loved Albert Brooks’ last movie as a filmmaker. The under-recognized gem was considered a bit of a dog by Brooks’ longtime fans, but Charles has decided to follow in the footsteps of Brooks character who traveled around Muslim countries “on a mission to discover what makes the 300 million Muslim residents of those regions laugh.

Charles new series series is executive produced by Larry Charles and Joe Russo, Anthony Russo and Mike Larocca, under their Roam Pictures nonfiction label. “‘I am grateful to Netflix for giving me the opportunity to tell this honest and harrowing and heartbreaking story of comedy in the face of war and violence and death,” Charles said. “Comedy as a tool of rebuilding, as an instrument of healing and as a weapon of truth. From Somalia to Iraq to right here in the United States, comedy is essential to our survival.”

Larry Charles’ comedy pedigree is pretty impressive. Writer/producer for Seinfeld, director/producer on Curb, directed Borat, Bruno and The Dictator with Sasha Baron Cohen.

Deadline gave a peek at the four episode run which includes a visit first to Iraq and Liberia about laughing in the midst of war ravaged countries and using comedy as a healing tool. In episode two Larry speaks to veterans, prisoners, addicts and homeless in Iraq, and visits with Somalian comedians who risk death just by performing. He speaks with former veterans in the US using comedy to help heal as well. In episode three, the series explores issues of race speaking with alt right comics, illegal aliens, black comedians and Native-American comedians. Episode four has Larry Charles talking to women in Saudi Arabia, and he visits Nigeria to see how rape culture permeates the comedy scene.

The series hits Netflix on February 15th.

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