Kroll Show Ending After Season Three, Season Three Spoilers from PubLIZity Released

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PubLIZity broke big news today.  The upcoming season The Kroll Show will be the third and final season of the show. The critically-acclaimed sketch series was the source of the world’s greatest comedy sketch–Too Much Tuna. Season Three premiers on Tuesday January 13 at 10:30pm.

You will learn the fate of all of the infamous characters portrayed in the series.  “Bobby Bottleservice” will play an elaborate game with his fellow gigolos to determine who will be kicked out of the house. “Gil” and “George” will pull yet another “Too Much Tuna” prank. “Liz” will leave town to grow out her bangs and join a team of gold miners. Don’t miss “Mikey” get addicted to pills and explore his sexuality on Wheels Ontario. Find out what happens when the “Rich Dicks” open a restaurant. And “Dr. Armond” heads out to pursue his wife’s killer in Europe.

An amazing ensemble of super celebs and comedians will join the guys for their final season including Aziz Ansari, Bill Burr, Jon Daly, Nathan Fielder, Ron Funches, John Mulaney, Kumail Nanjiani, Chelsea Peretti, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Kristen Schaal, Jenny Slate, Paul F. Tompkins, just to name a few. It’s madness, you don’t know who will be stopping by next (unless you read that list).

Starting December 4, the “Kroll Show” Facebook page will feature the best moments from Seasons 1 and 2. And if you’re late to the party, you can catch up on the first two seasons on the Comedy Central App or grab the DVDs wherever DVDs are sold starting Tuesday, December 9.

Also available on Tuesday, December 9 is the album “Kroll Show: For The Record,” released by Comedy Central Records featuring musical characters from “Kroll Show” performing songs including the timeless Sloppy Secondz classic “LA Deli” from frontman Nash Rickey, “Wheels Ontario” star Bryan LaCroix serenading his Bryantologists with “NTR 2 WIN,” and much more.

Will Jeffrey Gurian return to the Kroll Show? Will he eat all that tuna? Did we just start a rumor that we have no basis for starting? These questions and more will be answered.

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