Kristin Wiig Premieres Trailer for “Crying in a Sweater” on Kimmel

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Monday night Kristen Wiig went on Jimmy Kimmel Live, to talk about her new indie film, Nasty Baby, with Alia Shawkat and Sebstian Silver. Kimmel asked her how she got involved with such a small project and she said it was through her friend Alia, but she had also seen Silva’s Crystal Fairy and the Magic Cactus and loved it. The entire film was shot in two weeks and completely improvised off an outline script. Wiig had considerably less to say about the upcoming all-girl Ghostbusters movie, the details on that one are strictly under wraps, but she did have a major reveal of another kind for Kimmel’s audience.

Wiig gave Jimmy a huge exclusive, debuting the trailer for the most independent movie ever made. It’s Kristin Wiig, in “Crying in a Sweater.” Kimmel says the reviews have been unbelievable. Here’s the weird part, they not only premiered the trailer, but that was the whole film, and when they came back from the clip, they improv’ed a sequel. Speaking of improv, scroll down to the second clip to find out how Wiig used her improv skills as a teenager to get out of a ticket for breaking open container laws.

Wiig uses improv skills to not get in trouble at a checkpoint.

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