KFC Has a New Colonel, and Its Own Football Team


Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly care about who played the Colonel next, KFC went and grabbed themselves another news getter. Rob Riggle, an actual retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines Reserve, has stepped into the shoes of the white haired fried chicken mascot. In a round of new ads, Riggle’s Colonel coaches the Kentucky Buckets, a fake NFL team. Oh and Riggle is a Kentucky boy…born in Louisville, so everyone’s happy.

Riggle is the fourth in a line of comedic Colonels. In 2015 KFC hired Darrell Hammond to launch a nutty series of ads and perhaps our favorite ad jingle of all time. It wasn’t long before Norm Macdonald was brought in to take over the role, followed by Jim Gaffigan. Although fans pushed for Gilbert Gottfried and Artie Lange to represent the chicken franchise, neither dream ever came to pass, making Riggle the fourth official comic and the fifth colonel in the last two years.

Watch the new round of videos starring Riggle.

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