Kevin Hart Suffers Major Injuries; New Barracuda Wrecked (Updated)

Just about every major media outlet is now reporting that Kevin Hart suffered serious back injuries after being in a serious one car accident. Hart was a passenger in his classic Plymouth Barracuda when, at 1:45 am on Sunday morning the car left the road and rolled over an embankment on Mulholland Drive.

Jared S. Black was driving the car and also suffered serious injuries. A second passenger, Rebecca Broxterman who is a personal trainer did not suffer serious injuries according to police reports.

The photos of the accident show the roof of the car was completely demolished. Reports say Hart initially left the scene when a member of his entourage picked him up in an SUV to seek medical attention at home, but later was transported to the hospital. The driver and other passenger were both pinned inside the car and the roof had to be sawed off the car to free them.

Hart and Black went to different hospitals for treatment, but both are suffering serious back injuries.

Although releases about his condition are few and a little cryptic, an update on Harts condition at least clarified that his injuries are to his back, but not his spinal cord. He is not immobilized. He can “move his extremeties” according to an update from the hospital and even walk.

Hart underwent surgery for his back injuries on Monday and his wife told TMZ Kevin is going to be just fine. Later in the week it was revealed that the reports that his injuries were not spinal, were erroneous. Hart had multiple injuries to his spine that required surgical correction (three fractures) and extensive rehabilitation is needed.

He is still expected to make a full recovery but he is in intense pain, and on a heavy pain killer regimen according to TMZ.

From jump the details have been unclear and with Hart still in the hospital, there still isn’t a complete understanding of the events leading up to his injuries last Sunday. A 911 call has been released that indicates Kevin got out through the drivers side window, although the driver was reportedly pinned against the steering wheel in the drivers seat.

Other details that have emerged- the classic car not only had no modern safety belts, there wasn’t even a backseat in the car- it had been modified as a two seater.

It is expected that Hart will be released from the hospital and begin rehabilitation next week.

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