Kevin Hart Shut Down at Super Bowl…Again

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It’s Deja Vu all over again as security shut down Kevin Harts attempt to celebrate on Super Bowl Sunday this year. The Philadelphia Eagles fan was ready to party with the Patriots after the game on Sunday and brought his wife on the field looking to gain access to the Pats celebration. But security said no go, and wouldn’t let Hart and his wife through the gates. Hart was heard screaming, I’m the MVP, and cracking jokes that after he drank a shot, the team started winning. He had hoped his charm or his celebrity would get him through, but security guards weren’t buying it. Eventually Hart got in when Robert Kraft’s son told security it was okay to let Hart in. Every year, this is every year, Hart complained.

Of course everyone remembers Hart being famously denied last year when the Eagles beat the Patriots and Hart tried to get on the grandstand after the big win. Hart had climbed the stairs trying to get close to that Lombardi Trophy but was denied.

Celebrating the Pats loss at one Super Bowl probably should disqualify you from celebrating the win the very next year, but lets face it, celebrity is celebrity.

Maybe next year you’ll get in all on your own, Kev.

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