Kevin Hart is Pumped to Have Been a Part of Chappelle’s New Material

’s new Netflix specials have been the talk of the town as of late, and for good reason: they’re hilarious. During the two hour-long performances, Chappelle name drops various celebrities, from Paula Dean and Donald Trump to fellow comics like . As it turns out, being shouted out by Chappelle, even for a comic as wildly successful as Hart, is a big deal.

During a brief Q&A on Twitter, Hart was asked who his favorite comics were:

Chappelle made that exclusive list, which is a good thing, because Chappelle gave Hart some gentle ribbing during the end of his The Age of Spin set, where he explained that he was “mad” at Hart for two reasons: 1) because Hart is so famous that he’s able to charge more for tickets and has fans so infatuated with him that they don’t notice Chappelle among them in the crowd and 2) because Chappelle’s son idolizes Hart, while he’s seemingly less impressed with his own father. You can check out the bit below:

When asked about how he felt about one of Chappelle’s closing bits being about him, Hart had this to say:

Hell, who wouldn’t? Chappelle could go on stage and slander my entire family and I’d watch it with a smile on my face.

[H/T]  Philly Voice