Kevin Hart is Bringing Real Black History to Netflix

This Friday, February 8th, Black History is about to get real as Kevin Hart’s new special, titled “Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History” hits the streaming platform.

The special promises to be both entertaining and educational, and appears to be aimed at kids, but should hold appeal to fans of all ages, as Hart introduces his daughter and her friend to some of black history’s lesser-known figures. In the trailer we’re introduced to a few like, for example, the first black woman astronaut Mae Jemison (played by Tiffany Haddish!) and the WWII spy-turned-acclaimed-singer Josephine Baker.
Funny, educational and inspiring, the special aims to keep you laughing and informed with its quirky, sketch comedy-meets-stand-up-meets Sesame Street format.

The special was produced with Comedy Dynamics.

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